Membership Funds at Work


The MAAW Committee is very aware of the degree of economic disadvantage in our community, and the aim of the MAAW Helping PAWS program is to provide financial assistance to residents of the Mount Alexander Shire who find themselves unable to afford vital assistance for a companion or service animal. 

Local vets have told MAAW how distressing it is for them when a client cannot afford diagnostic work for their beloved pet. It can be a real challenge for the vet and client to provide appropriate treatment without knowing the full picture – which diagnostics such as blood tests provide. The MAAW committee is aware of how difficult this is for vets and pet owners.

MAAW’s aim is to improve animal welfare in our shire. The Committee has established a fund to financially assist people unable to pay for their animals’ emergency diagnostic veterinarian treatment, like blood tests or scans.   

The Committee relies on local vet practices to alert us to these circumstances, and we hope to grow our 'MAAW Helping Paws' fund through memberships and generous donations.  

To be eligible to access the program you must be a:-

  • Resident of Mount Alexander Shire,
  • Have evidence of financial hardship, pension card, health care card holder or low income, and
  • a request from a vet outlining the diagnostic treatment required and if it may improve the quality of life for a companion or service animal.

The program will not cover:-

  • Ongoing medical needs and treatments,
  • Snake bites or
  • Emergency procedures requiring immediate response to request (unless a registered service animal).

From the pet owner and the vet there must be:-

  • An initial willingness for the pet owner to contribute, no matter how small the contribution,
  • Some financial contribution from vet, and
  • MAAW should be updated on the outcome of the animal being assessed
  • This scheme is not relied upon as the only option, but to assist with costs.

Funding request applications should include:-

  • Details of the animal’s medical needs, including prognosis,
  • A quote for the diagnostic procedure,
  • Amount of financial contribution from other parties including the owner, and
  • Contribution required from MAAW, which will be a fixed maximum once approved.

MAAW - Approval Process:

  • Only requests received in writing prior to the procedure will be considered, these should be addressed to the
  • Committee have the final say on determining the maximum amount to be considered in any one case. Unless there are exceptional circumstances that amount is not to exceed $300 in any one case.
  •  Assistance available only once to an owner.

For further information on the program, speak to your local vet or email 





Pictured is Banjo who had a grass seed abscess that required draining and flushing.